The Pianist:

A WA KE - Remember Who You Are:

Sabine van Baaren / vocals / keyboards
Mark Joggerst / piano

"A WA KE" –Spontaneous meditative sounds, songs and solo piano parts create an atmosphere of unusual spiritual intensity.
With Sabine van Baaren´s emotional voice and Mark´s sensitive way of piano playing the two musicians evoke deeply moving passages as well as cheerful, relaxing but also reflective moments. Highlight of every performance is the improvisation together with the audience which turns every concert to a unique and exciting event


Mark Joggerst / piano
Charlie Mariano / saxophones
Martin Gjakonovski / bass
Roland Peil / percussion
Naomi Binder / violin
Sabine van Baaren / vocals
Giacomo di Benedetto / vocals
The Fiorini Quartett:
  Naomi Binder / 1st. violin
  Dagmara Daniel / 2nd violin
  Annette Hartmann / viola
  Katrin Geelvink / cello

Special Guest:
Glen Moore / double bass overtones

After his Gold Award 2005 Mark Joggerst presents a new Album under his own name againOn his new work "Silence" he takes us on a musical journey. Between peaks of though composed euphoric sound cascades we dive into the wide space of an internalized world of sound.Piano improvisations of deeply felt melancholic beauty and wide landscapes of sounds take us in a world where silence starts to be audible. Completely in the tradition of a film soundtrack on this album he uses only two themes which are orchestrated and arrangedagain and again in different ways. This creates a musical unity that carries the listener from one piece to the other.

Booking: Piano Solo
Trio (piano, bass, drums)
Full ensemble (piano, bass, drums, violin, vocals, string quartet)

The Composer

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