January 2017:

I go back home

The soundtrack released on CD

Featuring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Dee Dee Bridgewater, James Moody, Kenny Barron, Peter Erskine, Arturo Sandoval, Joey DeFrancesco, Monica Mancini, Till Brönner, Oscar Castro Neves, Bob Mintzer, John Pisano, Renee Olstead, Gregoire Maret and the HBR Symphony Orchestra Prag

Now on CD, vinyl and online available

March 2016:

I go back home

Premiere on the South by Southwest Festival Austin/Texas
Directed by: Yoon-Ha Chang
Music: Mark Joggerst, Ralf Kemper

November 2015:

Bears in the Mountains of Heaven

German TV premiere
Directed by: Tobias Mennle
Music: Mark Joggerst

August 2015:

Rendezvous on the Cemetery

Part 1 and part 2 now on WDR TV
Directed by: Ina Reuter und Marko Rösseler
Music: Mark Joggerst

Juni 2015:


The new four-part documentary on WDR TV
Directed by: Ina Reuter und Marko Rösseler
Music: Mark Joggerst

January 2015:

New CD out now!

Visions and Dreams

Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst

Autumn 2013:

Twilight of the Yakuza - The Lion of Ginza

TV Premieres in South Korea und Portugal

Film by Sebastian Stein
Music: Mark Joggerst

April 2013:

Hannes Jaenicke in:

Bruno - The bear without a passport

Film by Herbert Ostwald
Music: Mark Joggerst

April 2013:

Yakuza - Inside Japan´s Underworld

Film by Sebastian Stein and Antje Stobbe
Music: Mark Joggerst

March 2013:

Wild Cologne

Film by Herbert Ostwald
Music: Mark Joggerst

May / June 2012:

Rising Above The Blues

Premieres on the film festivals in Krakau, Emden & Toronto

Featuring Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Quincy Jones, James Moody, David Ritz, Madeleine Peyroux, Monica Mancini, Kenny Barron, Renee Olstead, Joey DeFrancesco, Arturo Sandoval, Oscar Castro Neves, Phil Ramone, Terry Gibbs, Tommy Li Puma, Bob Mintzer, Peter Erskine, John Pisano. Produced by Ralf Kemper, Directed by Yoon Ha Chang. Music by Mark Joggerst, Ralf Kemper, Mamiko Kitaura. Orchestra arrangements by Mark Joggerst

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  • December 2011:

    Dirk Bach´s Cover Me

    Sabine van Baaren & Mark Joggerst at this
    year´s Cover Me Show


    Audience Award on the NaturVision Filmfestival

    The Film "Baboon Bandits - Monkey Alert in South Africa" wins the audience award

    Latin Grammys 2010:

    Time For Love - Arturo Sandoval gets two latin Grammys

    Arranging for Arturo´s Album Time For Love. The Album gets two Latin Grammys in the categories best instrumental album and best producer

    August 25, 2010:

    Gershwin Across America at the Hollywood Bowl

    Arranging for Jason Mraz, live at the Hollywood Bowl with the Los Angeles Philhamonic and big band featuring Dave Koz, Eric Marienthal, Bob Sheppard, Gordon Goodwin, Tom Scott, Arturo Sandoval and the Shelly Berg Trio

    July 9, 2010:

    Monica Mancini and friends at the Hackney Empire, London

    Arrangements for the BBC Friday Night Radio Show presenting Monicas new CD featuring Brian Wilson, Take Six and the BBC Concert Orchestra

    New CD out now!!!

    A WA KE - Remember Who You Are

    Sabine van Baaren, voc und Mark Joggerst, piano
    visit us at http://www.a-wa-ke.de
    listen on http://www.myspace.com/awakeremember

    2009 - 2010:

    The Great Jimmy Scott Project

    Arranging Jimmy´s new Album for symphonic orchestra and band featuring Little Jimmy Scott, Arturo Sandoval, Monica Mancini, Kenny Barron, Bob Mintzer, James Moody, David Sanborn, Peter Erskine, Mike Valerio, Joey DeFrancesco, Oscar Castro-Neves, John Pisano, Till Brönner, Terry Gibbs, Gregoire Maret, Colleen McNabb and many others.


    A Little Smile

    Composing and arranging the song featuring Pit Hupperten with band and orchestra
    Music: Mark Joggerst, Ralf Kemper and Pit Hupperten

    Juli 2008:
    NaturVision Filmfest
    "Polar Bears - Living On Thin Ice" Best German Film
    Detecting Danger - Africas Giant Rats: Science Award and Audience Award

    June 2008:
    Shanghai TV Festival
    "Polar Bears - Living On Thin Ice" get´s the Silver Magnolia Award
    Music: Mark Joggerst

    Guest conductor at the Raimund Theater, Vienna

    The Soundtrack "Lexus- The Pursuit Of Perfection" is now available on iTunes.

    Thank you everybody for the great feedback to the music.

    New release on Laika Records, June 2007:


    Mark Joggerst / piano
    Charlie Mariano / saxophones
    Martin Gjakonovski / bass
    Roland Peil / percussion
    Naomi Binder / violin
    Sabine van Baaren / vocals
    Giacomo di Benedetto / vocals

    The Fiorini Quartett:
    Naomi Binder / 1st. violin
    Dagmara Daniel / 2nd violin
    Annette Hartmann / viola
    Katrin Geelvink / cello

    Special Guest:
    Glen Moore / double bass overtones

    Berlinale 2007:

    Deadly Dust, Cinema Movie, D/GB.
    Music: Elvira Ochoa & Mark Joggerst
    Nominated in the Categorie "Cinema For Peace" for the "Movie That Matters Award"

    February 2007

    Music for the the new international advertising campaign of Lexus automobiles

    Since November 2006:
    Conducting Queens "We Will Rock You", Musical Dome Cologne

    December 15 2006:
    Start of the TV Series "The Best of my Life, ARD

    December 14 2006:
    Premiere of the brand new "Theater of Dreams" in Duesseldorf
    Virtual Reality meets show, singers, dancers and live orchestra in "Viva Las Vegas"

    Gold Album Award for "Lovers Forever" by Marshall & Alexander.

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